Guiding Principles


The process

How it Works

At Rich Ideas, we absolutely embrace the opportunity to work with you on your marketing.

We focus mostly on longer term partnerships, as we are not a “one hit wonder” type firm. We just don’t have the resources, time or interest in only working with clients for things like grand openings, special one time events, etc. That being said, we do welcome every challenge. We can certainly make exceptions as appropriate, or to help our a friend or vendor of one of our long standing accounts.



We learn as much as we possibly can about you, your business, your industry,  your markets, strengths/weaknesses, etc.  We like to meet with clients at least twice, sometimes more, before we even start thinking about plans, budgets, etc.  Either Bob or Adam will meet you at your place of business and make observations about all sorts of things….how you all communicate with customers, how you attract customers, how you measure success of marketing and sales, and on and on.  This is the most important part of the process.



We work hand in hand with you as your marketing agency to develop a long term growth strategy, focusing on your key opportunities.  Usually, we present our initial recommendations to you in person, and then work through timelines, goals and next steps.



We implement our agreed upon long term strategy by creating a concept, producing the material, buying the placements, establishing goals, tracking effectiveness, invoicing, following up….and then doing it again.  Improvement on each buy/campaign is our goal.


Long Term

We meet with you at least once a month (probably more) to discuss monthly sales for the previous month, conversions, what’s working/what’s not. We also use these meetings to cement our plans for the next 60 days, and make any necessary adjustments to our messaging, delivery, timing or call to action.

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We hope we sufficiently explained how marketing with Rich Ideas works. If you have any questions or are ready to get a campaign started, get in touch! You can reach us at 804-212-9222, contact us online, or message us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

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