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July 2020 - November 2020



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July 2020 - November 2020


Rich Ideas

The Problem

The Beacon Electrical team partnered with Rich Ideas in order to improve the consistency, quality, branding, planning and personality of their social media. In setting expectations upfront, Beacon Electrical seeked to accomplish the following three main goals:

  1. Increase traffic to website
  2. Increase Brand awareness
  3. Lead Generation

The Solution

Rich Ideas broke the first 90 days of the partnership into two initiatives:

  1. Revamp Beacon Electrical’s Facebook business page and their organic posts.
  2. Run paid Facebook campaigns to better understand their audience, their best messaging and what would drive traffic to their website.

After a preliminary analysis, Rich Ideas revamped their Facebook page with the following changes before beginning either approach:

  • A high resolution logo profile picture
  • A new About Us section

Organic Social Posting

After the first edits, Rich Ideas implemented a monthly content calendar, with a focus on posting organically three times a week on both Facebook and Google My Business (GMB). For the first 90 days, the days, times, content and hashtags varied in order to see which of each would obtain the highest impressions and best engagement.

Rich Ideas guided the team at Beacon Electrical as to how to create meaningful content, which came mostly from the technicians. By using the 80/20 Rule of social engagement, Rich Ideas

created a more robust and multi dimensional profile. The end result was cultivating an image of a company that cared not just about electrical work, but also its team and its place within the community. Giving this change in the feed, there was an organic increase in interest in the page, and the company in general.

After 90 days, Rich Ideas found that Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s were the best days to post for maximum activity, specifically between 4:45 to 5:00pm EST. The most successful hashtags have been #employeespotlight, #electric, and #testimonialtuesday.

So far encouraging regular posting schedules, varying subject matter, and instilling a sense of community for the coworkers themselves has successfully increased page views and popularity.

Summer/Fall Paid Advertising Campaign

Rich Ideas executed Beacon Electrical’s first Facebook advertising campaign over a 90 day period from July 2020 to early October 2020.

This campaign focused on four experimental audiences:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Lookalike
  3. Customer Match
  4. Remarketing

Rich Ideas designed different images and messages specifically tailored for each audience/campaign, focused on driving an increase in website traffic, social engagement, and brand awareness.

Two of these campaigns were seasonal, which Rich Ideas updated half way through the campaign as summer ended and fall began. The other two campaigns focused on year-round branded messaging, emphasizing Beacon Electrical’s key points of differentiation. The variety of images, messaging, and target audiences allowed the Rich Ideas to provide Beacon Electrical with key insight as to what performed best and how that can inform future advertising campaigns. Each individual ad’s performance was measured by the number of impressions compared to click-throughs, as well as the cost per view. The overall campaign’s performance was additionally measured by direct website traffic and behavior, presented below from Beacon Electrical’s Google Analytics account.




Campaign Success

Highlighted below are the KPI’s with which Rich Ideas measured the success of this organic social media push for Beacon Electrical: 

  • 50 new Facebook page likes, showing a 22% increase
  • Facebook homepage views increased on average by 220% 
  • Website traffic increases from social media of over 800%+ (compared YTY)
    • With a solid $1.31 CPC vs industry average of $2.93

Next Steps

Moving forward, Rich Ideas will focus on maintaining these excellent numbers, improving messaging, sharing insight from these campaigns to guide other marketing and lowering  Beacon Electrical’s bounce rates (by working with their website and internal team to improve landing page content and focus). 

Rich Ideas will also launch a new Instagram account for Beacon Electrical in early 2021.

Client Feedback

“Prior to Rich Ideas, we were not happy with our Facebook presence because of the reliance of standard stock photos which did not let people know how great Beacon’s Technicians, CSR’s and DSR’s really are!

Rich Ideas takes the time to meet with us regularly to ensure they keep a pulse on our growing company.

Kat gets material directly from Beacon’s Basecamp and crafts fantastic Facebook posts. When Rich Ideas took over, our Facebook became interesting, fun to view, and really shows who we are! ​

Rich Ideas ensures our Facebook accurately depicts the personalities of our employees as well as Beacon’s core values. We really enjoy how creative Kat’s posts are! Just the right amount of healthy humor while getting our message out.

Kat, at Rich Ideas, responds to everyone who posts reviews of our services. This is such a great service to us. Kat has gotten to really know our Technicians and the work they do. Jess, Kat and Adam at Rich Ideas provide us with an enormous amount of data which make it convenient and easy to evaluate the level of success of the various posts.

Some of our recent hires applied on Facebook. Furthermore, many new hires have told us after looking at our Facebook, they could tell we are a company they really wanted to join!”

- Mike Muzzey, Beacon Electrical

Sample Creatives

Summer Prospecting Variant A
Summer Prospecting Variant A
Summer + Fall Prospecting Variant B
Summer + Fall Prospecting Variant B
Fall Customer Match Variant A
Fall Customer Match Variant A
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