Our approach to creating a marketing solution is simple. When you call upon us for help, we generally operate under the same guiding principles:

1: We learn as much as we possibly can about you, your business, your industry,  your markets, strengths/weaknesses, etc.  We like to meet with clients at least twice, sometimes more, before we even start thinking about plans, budgets, etc.  Either Bob or Adam will meet you at your place of business and make observations about all sorts of things….how you all communicate with customers, how you attract customers, how you measure success of marketing and sales, and on and on.  This is the most important part of the process.

2: We work hand in hand with you as your marketing agency to develop a long term growth strategy, focusing on your key opportunities.  Usually, we present our initial recommendations to you in person, and then work through timelines, goals and next steps.

3: We implement our agreed upon long term strategy by creating a concept, producing the material, buying the placements, establishing goals, tracking effectiveness, invoicing, following up….and then doing it again.  Improvement on each buy/campaign is our goal.

4: We meet with you at least once a month (probably more) to discuss monthly sales for the previous month, conversions, what’s working/what’s not. We also use these meetings to cement our plans for the next 60 days, and make any necessary adjustments to our messaging, delivery, timing or call to action.

Keep one crucially important thing in mind:

our approachYour business is different than every other business you know.  Your business is totally unique.  If we tried to fit your business marketing strategy into some cookie cutter template that we used for all our accounts, you might very well sign with us….but your results might suffer.

Point being: we take the time to learn your business’s unique circumstances, your preferences and long term vision, and the competitive landscape.  Then, we present a customized approach, based entirely on our experience in delivering successful marketing campaigns, that we are confident will drive impact and ROI.

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