At Rich Ideas, we absolutely embrace the opportunity to work with you on your marketing.

We focus mostly on longer term partnerships, as we are not a “one hit wonder” type firm. We just don’t have the resources, time or interest in only working with clients for things like grand openings, special one time events, etc. That being said, we do welcome every challenge. We can certainly make exceptions as appropriate, or to help our a friend or vendor of one of our long standing accounts.

Our Setup

Should you choose to employ us as your marketing agency, do know that we do not have a production department, digital team, SEO specialist, media buyer(s), accountant, signage guy or graphic design artist on staff. Most agencies do.

So why are we setup this way? Being “lean and mean” and having very substantially less overhead than all the agencies we compete against enables us to charge substantially less for excellent work and outstanding service.  This allows us to take more of your budget and apply it marketing, and not to our bottom line.

In saying this, we’ve absolutely created a vast network of local and regional partners  who can help us execute any marketing, branding, production, design or digital challenge. We work with tons of companies, thereby we can cherry-pick which firm is the best fit for your needs, given your budget, goals, personalities, and competitive landscape.  Instead of us pushing our in house team on you, we can work the same way a marketing director would at your company…..we call in a few firms we recommend for the job at  hand, here their pitches and choose which firm makes the most sense for us.

The truth is, if you’re looking for the biggest agency in town with the coolest office and “hippest” social media voice, we suggest you call someone downtown. But if you are looking for a no BS, straight forward firm who lives and dies by the same ebb and flow of business that you do… you might want to give us a ring or contact us online.  We are happy to discuss your needs.

Our Compensation

Clients ask us all the time… how do you get paid?  How do I know what I am getting for my money with you guys? Truth is, by the way we operate we really do leave a lot of revenue on the table. We feel that revenue is best spent on more advertising… not on lining our pockets. That, above and beyond everything else, is how we win and keep business.  What is best for you is always best for us.  We think long term.

We operate for most all clients on monthly retainers.  Generally speaking, this is based on the scope of work we agree upon upfront with you.  Sometimes, that includes just consulting and strategic guidance.  An example of that might be a client who has a masters in marketing and who enjoys being heavily involved in marketing, but wants some good outside perspective.  Most times, however, we deal directly with business owners, CEO’s, etc. who have no interest in doing what we do.  They just want results and want to know why we recommend our courses of action, and they want to know we can negotiate great deals on media.

However, for some accounts we operate on commission.  This involves us taking a commission on your media spends on applicable media.  This might include digital, TV, radio, etc.  While we probably prefer long term to have our clients on retainers, we know that is not always the right fit.  In the situation where as we are on a commission structure, we bill you gross for all media, and then pay net to said media.

Learn more about Marketing with Rich Ideas!

MarketingWe hope we sufficiently explained how marketing with Rich Ideas works. If you have any questions or are ready to get a campaign started, get in touch! You can reach us at 804-212-9222, contact us online, or message us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!