A Rich HistoryWe are proud to be a small time operation with a Rich History. It suits us and our clients well. We operate a low overhead operation, and are nimble enough to adapt to a variety of circumstances.

Clients hire us for many different reasons… some of which are hard to describe! The long and short: we’re an advertising and marketing firm in Richmond that specializes in strategic planning and competitive positioning,  creating targeted and comprehensive advertising campaigns, and constantly measuring results.   Our focus is on generating impact and ROI, regardless of budget and industry. We do not beat around the bush, nor do we sweet talk, sugar coat or use any other sales tactics to avoid discussing real time results and return.

A Rich History

Since we started this “thing of ours” back in the mid 90’s, we’ve focused most of our efforts on developing mutually beneficial partnerships with a select few clients in Richmond. Bob spent years in the radio business… first as an on air talent (we use the word “talent” rather loosely), and then as a promotions director, sales guy, sales manager and up the chain into general management. He learned the media, marketing and sales business inside and out, in Richmond and in all sorts of bigger markets like DC, Norfolk, Harrisburg, New York, etc. etc.

Fast forward to 2006: Adam graduated college and decided (against his dad’s recommendations) to test the waters in media sales, particularly radio. After about 5 years as a A/E at Cox Radio Richmond, he convinced several of his accounts to take the proverbial “leap of faith” and join him at Rich Ideas. How he did so? We’re still not sure.

In 2012, the third “Rich boy” joined us, to turn this agency into a full blown family affair.  After Ed graduated from VCU, he accepted a role as a digital, admin, client services guru…and has blossomed ever since. In particular, he loves when his older brother/boss (that’s right…BOSS) reminds him of the pecking order. The more things change…the more things stay the same.

So here we are.  A small time, family run local Marketing agency. Why call us anything else? As long as you call us when you need us, we’re just fine with that…

Feel free to contact us online, or send us a message on our Facebook page. We have a Rich history of helping our clients hit their mark, and we look forward to hearing from you!